Norm's Market9538 W. Saginaw, Richville989-868-9601Keg Beer LiquorSEAFOODSEAFOODAI ASKAN FILLETS )-"S700FRE25-27 Lh Boy $28959PORKKh(1LB. Bax)BEER/CIDER$15500mSIRLOIN TIP ROASTGROUND BEEF FROMCHUCK OR ROUND1990100% Lean 10 Lb, BagsCICKEN BREASTLb.FROM SIRLOINLh Arg Cue FreeHOLE PORK LOINCHICKEN BREASTLOBSTER TAILS_LOBSTER TALS $2590Mir 'n Lif,$1689.99.BONELESS RIBYEYE. HoOT DoGyLUNCHMEATy Tender798%0 Lb. Box KoegelsHOTDOGSW/SKINSS 79-90BOSTON BUTT$1095L.SEA SCALLOPSEYE OF THEROUND $ 59$11Bud 4 Bud LightDOGS20- 25 LB.AVG 99 SKONESS NOT1779$1099$179$199een LiteS995 lanSpecial Order for Gallon3b Ag Block Coryon AngsFROZEN OYSTERSHAMcenter dur Rb& BONELESS SIRLOINSTEAK LOIN& BUTT 1/2 HAMS1921CTELARGE $19.90 Coke Products 249612CT.AMBAI $27.901-3 CT EATBA LANt $15.90NORM'S SUNDAYCHICKEN DINNERS59LECTBONEIN RIB $S699 HAM6 YOU GET..Hot at the DeliMERICAN GULE RAN SHRIMPST. LOUIS RIBSLarge Charcoal-Grilled Ha$12.90Gmar Fanout ButteredBLACK CANYONANGUS STEAKSLENTEN CRAB LEG SPECIALS!Bunter Com ACold Weter, Only the Best-AMBO RED KINGLARGE RED KONG CRAB 16-20 CT$119Al For OnlyDENVER STEAK...BBQ RIBS|eby Ge$180..0059LI.ILFde RackS12.00 |cucuMBERS.99ea: AL-o319.00Take-out Only!DAIRY/ICE CREAM80 1979585%.| 2/s7/3991.585%) iceCREAM aseen. 2 S7 MELONSETERHOUSE$125.00 PLATTER BACON"2".2/SSTEAK119LAYER BACONUSA American Foei0th

Date: April 12, 2018

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Norm's Market & Catering

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Norm's Market 9538 W. Saginaw, Richville 989-868-9601 Keg Beer Liquor SEAFOOD SEAFOOD AI ASKAN FILLETS )- "S700 FRE 25-27 Lh Boy $289 59 PORKK h(1LB. Bax) BEER/CIDER $15500m SIRLOIN TIP ROAST GROUND BEEF FROM CHUCK OR ROUND 19 90 100% Lean 10 Lb, Bags CICKEN BREAST Lb. FROM SIRLOIN Lh Arg Cue Free HOLE PORK LOIN CHICKEN BREAST LOBSTER TAILS_ LOBSTER TALS $2590 Mir 'n Lif, $1689. 99. BONELESS RIBYEYE . HoOT DoGyLUNCHMEATy Tender 79 8% 0 Lb. Box Koegels HOTDOGSW/SKINS S 79- 90 BOSTON BUTT $1095L. SEA SCALLOPS EYE OF THEROUND $ 59 $11 Bud 4 Bud Light DOGS 20- 25 LB.AVG 99 SKONESS NOT 1779$1099 $179 $199 een Lite S995 lan Special Order for Gallon 3b Ag Block Coryon Angs FROZEN OYSTERS HAM center dur Rb& BONELESS SIRLOIN STEAK LOIN & BUTT 1/2 HAMS 19 21CTELARGE $19.90 Coke Products 2 49 612CT.AMBAI $27.90 1-3 CT EATBA LANt $15.90 NORM'S SUNDAY CHICKEN DINNERS 59 LECTBONEIN RIB $S699 HAM 6 YOU GET.. Hot at the Deli MERICAN GULE RAN SHRIMP ST. LOUIS RIBS Large Charcoal-Grilled Ha $12.90 Gmar Fanout Buttered BLACK CANYON ANGUS STEAKS LENTEN CRAB LEG SPECIALS! Bunter Com A Cold Weter, Only the Best -AMBO RED KING LARGE RED KONG CRAB 16-20 CT $119 Al For Only DENVER STEAK... BBQ RIBS | eby Ge $180..00 59LI.ILFde RackS12.00 |cucuMBERS.99ea: AL- o 319.00Take-out Only! DAIRY/ICE CREAM 80 19 79 585%.| 2/s7/3991. 585%) iceCREAM aseen. 2 S7 MELONS ETERHOUSE $125.00 PLATTER BACON "2". 2/S STEAK 119LAYER BACON USA American Foei0th